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Essential Background Checks to Include in Your Single Central Record

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Essential Background Checks to Include in Your Single Central Record

With an online single central record (SCR), you can access, manage, and archive over a dozen checks. These checks provide safeguards to ensure that you only hire the best staff for your school. Here are a few of the most essential checks to include in the record.

Standard Background Checks

There are a series of standard checks that are used to verify the history of job applicants during the hiring process. These checks include:

  • Identity checks
  • Education checks
  • Employment checks

The identity check is the most basic check and is used to verify the name, date of birth, and address of the applicant. The education and employment checks explore the qualifications of the applicant, including details related to any institution he or she attended and past work history.

Additional Important Checks

Using an online SCR, you may also perform additional checks to verify the background of any potential hires. You may also search the barred list and prohibited list to ensure that new teachers are not barred or prohibited from teaching at schools.

With an increasing number of schools seeking teachers from abroad, it is also important for schools to verify that the applicant has the right to work in the UK. Your online single central record may include searches to verify the passport, and visa documentation provided by foreign applicants.

Managing a single central record is a requirement for schools and colleges. To ensure that you make the best use of this software, you should understand the how the various background checks work. Along with the checks discussed, explore all the features of your online single central record.